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Tiger Track Club CF
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Cross Country

Cross Country
Start Date of Practice: Monday, September 11th
Practice Days: Monday & Wednesday
Practice Time: 5:30 p.m.
Location: Birdsall Park
Registration Fee: $80
(Tank Tops will be provided)

New kids must become USATF members. They will not be allowed to practice until this is completed. (Membership fee is $20)

Enter #2025 to link to Tiger track club when registering with USATF.

2017 Tiger Track kids do not have to register again with USATF. Only new members.

Distance ran per age group:

  • 8&U 2000 meters
  • 9-10 3000 meters
  • 11-12 3000 meters
  • 13-14 5000 meters

Additional Information:
Monday practice will be different weekly with the direction of Scott Gall. We will be doing trail running and it will be muddy and wet at times. Do not wear new shoes to Monday's. We will email out by Sunday where practice will be.

Wednesday practice will always be at Birdsall Park.

There will be 2 local meets with travel meets for those that want to.